The Raft

The Raft

by Jim Lamarche
Publisher: HarperCollins
Trade Paperback, 40 pages
Price: $8.99
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Nicky doesn’t want to spend the summer with his Grandma. She lives out in the boonies by herself and doesn’t even have a TV! Nicky is sure his summer is ruined. He can’t even catch fish in the river by his grandma’s house. But one day, Nicky discovers a strange raft with animal drawings painted all over it hidden in the rushes. When Nicky’s grandma finds out about Nicky’s discovery, she doesn’t seem surprised at all. In fact, she puts on a life vest and joins Nicky out on the river. She teaches him how to fish. She teaches him about the animals that they see, and encourages Nicky in his drawing. Suddenly, Nicky’s summer doesn’t seem so boring, and he’s no longer disappointed about spending it with his grandma. There are animals to see and stories to hear, and Nicky even adds some animal drawings of his own to the raft.

With beautiful pencil illustrations, Jim LaMarche has crafted a lovely book that not only captures the beauty of summer and nature, but also the budding relationship between a boy and his grandma.

Review by Hadley Payne (nee Ayers)
Hadley was an exemplary employee at Exodus for several years. Full of life and laughter, she is an avid reader who loves both classics and popular literature. Her reviews are clear, helpful and often witty. Check more of them out here.


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