The Bad Guys

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Al Capone Does My Shirts
by Gennifer Choldenko
Reprint from Puffin Books
for 7th-10th grade
2005 Newbery Honor Book
in Realistic Fiction (Location: FIC-REA)
All for Nothing
by Larry Sturholm and John Howard
from BLS Publishing Co.
for 9th-Adult
in Biographies (Location: BIO)
$8.50 (1 in stock)
Life and Death of Adolf Hitler
by James Cross Giblin
from HMH Books for Young Readers
for 5th-8th grade
Sibert Medal
in Biographies (Location: BIO)
Real Book About Spies
by Samuel Epstein
from Garden City Books
for 5th-8th grade
in Vintage & Collectible (Location: VIN-COL)
They Shot the President
by George Sullivan
from Scholastic Inc.
for 4th-7th grade
in American Presidency (Location: HISA-PRE)
$4.00 (1 in stock)