Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers

Landmark #72
by Will Henry
Publisher: Random House
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Turn back the clock of time a century and more!

Spring to saddle and ride with the Texas wind through dark river thickets, over blazing sunlit prairies, across burning desert and snow-swept mountain passes.

Take the dark and desperate trail of the Four Horsemen of the Far West: the Comanche brave, the Mexican bandit, the American bad man and the Texas Ranger.

Follow the trail with the Texas Ranger, the most daring rider of them all. Share with him his lonely outpost camp. Eat with him beside his cheery mesquite fire. Laugh with him against the hopeless odds of the closing Mexican cavalry trap. Stand beside him as he meets the thunder of American outlaw guns.

Come meet his famous captains and his fearless men.

Peer back into their wondrous times through the gunsmoke of a hundred years and read this exciting true story of the finest fighting men the West ever produced.

Ride again with the Texas Rangers!

From the dust jacket

This is the true story of the most feared and famous organization of frontier fighters for law and order in American history. The events depicted herein are taken from actual Ranger records. Some minor details and descriptions have had to be supplied by the author, since many of the official records of the force prior to the Civil War were destroyed by fires. The essential facts are faithful to the heroic memories of the gallant officers and men of The Texas Rangers who created them.

W.H., From the book

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