Texas: A Modern History

Texas: A Modern History

by David G. McComb
1st Edition, ©1989, ISBN: 9780292730489
Hardcover, 197 pages
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To many people, even many Texans, Texas history includes little more than the battle of the Alamo and the development of a petroleum empire. In "Texas: A Modern History", David McComb completes the picture, painting a fascinating portrait of a state that has changed profoundly in little more than 150 years. Written for the general reader, "Texas: A Modern History" traces the full panorama of Texas history, from its earliest Indian inhabitants to the present day.

McComb gives special emphasis to the twentieth century, showing how the change from a rural to an urban society has affected the 'Texas mystique'. He includes groups whose contributions have been overloked in standard histories, including women, blacks, Hispanics, Indians, and immigrant groups. He even treats Texas' faults honestly, exploring the ways Texans have managed and mismanaged the problems of pollution, exploitation of natural resources, the oil depression, and civil rights.

With a wealth of anecdotes, folklore, maps, and many historical photographs, "Texas: A Modern History" is the best general history of Texas currently available. McComb is especially adept at presenting the human side of history, showing how technological change affects the way people live.

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