Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Signet Classics
by Thomas Hardy, Lisa Alther (Introduction)
Publisher: Signet Classics
Mass market paperback, 407 pages
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In Tess, a woman victimized by lust, poverty, and hypocrisy, Thomas Hardy created no standard Victorian heroine, but a woman whose intense vitality flares unforgettably against the bleak background of a dying rural society. Shaped by an acute sense of social injustice and by a vision of harsh realism and indelibly poignant beauty. The novel shocked its Victorian audience with its honesty; it remains a triumph of literary art and a timeless commentary on the human condition.

A new introduction by bestselling author Lisa Alther illuminates the social and political mores that inspired and provoked Thomas Hardy to create this intimate portrait of a woman, and reveals the never-ending value of one of the literary world's most tragic female figures.

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Exodus Rating:
FLAWS: Violence, sexual content
Summary: A young woman survives poverty, abuse, and rape with her personal honor and her determination intact in this very dark exploration of human esprit.

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