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Tell Me More is one of the world's leading software programs for language learning with more than 5 million users worldwide (including the U.S. State Department, the FBI, ExxonMobile and Toyota). It is valued by users and teachers alike for is speech recognition technology and personalized language courses. It covers all the skills to learn a language: reading and writing, listening and speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and culture.

Recently, Tell Me More has developed programs specifically meant for home schooling families, and we think they may be the best option out there—even superior to Rosetta Stone! There are variations in how each course works and how much they offer, but it is certain that they offer more flexibility and a wider variety of activities than any of their competition does.

Each package includes 2-4 levels (from complete beginner to advanced), an audio CD, and a free headset and microphone. They are recommended for learners ages 11 and up. Download a free trial by clicking here.

The Software Offers:

  • Thousands of exercises and dozens of different types of activities broken down into six workshops (Lesson, Cultural, Grammar, Vocabulary, Oral and Written) to keep the learner engaged and motivated.
  • Hundreds of hours of learning, the most extensive offer on the market for foreign language software.
  • Comprehensive grammar explanations and exercises.
  • An audio CD, included to reinforce your learning.
  • The possibility to export the audio content onto your hard drive, and then onto your MP3 player or audio CD.
  • The possibility to create several accounts (at different levels, if appropriate).
  • Student Tracking: immediate tracking of each student's progress shown through percentage of activity and percentage done correctly.
  • An exclusive activity guide with grammar explanations, explaining every activity in Tell Me More and the learning objectives behind them.
  • Access for parents to the content of Tell Me More, with and without solutions.
  • Print capabilities to create personalized workbooks and study guides.
  • A link where homeschool parents can have access to the content of Tell Me More, with and without solutions, enabling them to follow the progress of their homeschoolers and create personalized worksheets to practice specific learning goals.
  • Sophisticated speech recognition technology. Tell Me More recognizes what is said, assesses pronunciation, and corrects any mistakes. By using the waveform and pitch curve displays as visual aids, the learner can improve both pronunciation and intonation.
  • The ability to pinpoint and highlight mispronounced words within individual sentences using the exclusive S.E.T.S. technology (Spoken Error Tracking System).



"Tell Me More is the best software option available.
[It] is a superior package that will inspire you to improve your skills, no matter what your starting level. With the finest speech recognition tools, goal-setting abilities, and support, TeLL me More is clearly the leader in language learning."
Top Ten Reviews, 2006

Is this software compatible with Mac?

TELL ME MORE® language software is not currently compatible with Mac computers. However, with a Windows license you can utilize programs such as Boot-Camp or Cross-Over, which emulates a PC platform, allowing you to successfully run TELL ME MORE® language learning software. Click here for more information. Or to order a free demo CD to determine the compatibility of the software with your system, call Tell Me More at 888-388-3535.

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