Teaching Writing: Structure and Style - Binder & DVDs

Teaching Writing: Structure and Style - Binder & DVDs

Institute for Excellence in Writing
2nd Edition, ©2015, Publisher Catalog #TWSS2-D
Mixed Media
Price: $189.00

This is the Institute for Excellence in Writing's "flagship course" which teaches the nine structural models (units), and the stylistic techniques (dress-ups, openers, decorations, triplets) of the Blended Sound-Sight writing program. It contains both fiction/creative and non-fiction models, allowing a teacher to easily integrate the practice of composition into the study of history, science, and literature.

Ideal for parents, teachers, and tutors working with students in grades two through ten, this two day seminar presents in detail the concepts, teaching strategies, and practice exercises needed for a thorough understanding of how to implement this program in the classroom or home school.

Originally published in 2004 (20+ years ago!),IEW’s Structure and Style method, brilliant and life-changing as it is, has continued to gain additional nuances. In the revision, IEW wanted to tweak the “structure” by adding even more useful tools and resources to their core curriculum. They also wanted to tweak the “style” with a more seasoned, mature Andrew Pudewa.

TWSS2 comes with 12, not 10, DVDs containing:

  • 9 Workshop Discs
  • 3 Student Demo Discs (covering 4 classes, Primary & Levels A-C)
  • 230-page Seminar and Practicum Workbook
  • English and Spanish subtitles on all videos
  • Premium Subscription

This isn’t just a repackaging of Andrew Pudewa’s teaching. This entire video package was redone with an audience of homeschool and professional teachers, recorded in-studio in Dallas, Texas, late 2014. Three extra DVDs of teaching material were produced those two days of filming. You are getting at least 30 percent more content to help make you a most polished teacher of writing with Structure and Style..

But size doesn’t always matter. Perhaps the greatest value of the TWSS2 is the new Premium Subscription that is available with the TWSS2—something never before offered from IEW.

The Premium Subscription is a one-year subscription to an entire world of IEW addenda that will empower you as a teacher:

  • video streaming (requires product activation)
  • monthly training webinars (otherwise $5 each to attend starting August 2015)
  • access to related and relevant MP3 audios
  • e-resources such as mini posters, IEW Reading List, and more
  • regularly updated content

We’re so excited about the TWSS2 because of the potential for the longevity of the product. With the new Premium Subscription, you will continue to be totally equipped with the latest curriculum, teacher aids, and blackline masters. Every part of the core IEW curriculum will come alongside—allowing you to become the finest writing teacher you can be.

Final Thoughts:

To take this course, you'll need a DVD player and a pen. To teach it, you'll want a thesaurus, and you'll need a collection of short (one-paragraph) stories or articles, at or slightly below your student's reading level (a short list of possibilities is offered below). You might also want to acquire a copy of Dr. Webster's text, as it has numerous helps and more information than this course offers.

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