Teaching the Trivium

Teaching the Trivium

Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style

by Harvey Bluedorn, Laurie Bluedorn
Publisher: Trivium Pursuit
Trade Paperback, 637 pages
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How can you give your children the tools they need to teach themselves?

Long ago, students were first taught how to learn. Today, students are taught an encyclopedia of subjects—trivia—but they are not taught the basic skills of learning: to discover, to reason, and to apply. They are not taught the Trivium.

Can you homeschool in a classical style without compromising your Christian principles?

Because we are Christians, we do not want to pursue non-Christian goals. Classical Education must be sifted through the critical screen of the Scriptures to be transformed into a Biblical model.

Can you homeschool in a classical style without buckling under the burden?

There is only so much time in the day. For every subject, and for every age, we have a workable plan—which leaves you free to breathe. You can continue to use other approaches to homeschooling within the framework of Classical Education.

Is homeschooling about renewing family vision?

The family is at the heart of God's plan for restoring Christian culture. Homeschooling is not alternative education. Homeschooling was here first. We want to restore Biblical order to education.

Much of the content of this book has been available for some time in a booklet series, but this is combined and expanded. Chapters on several new topics are added: for example, a lengthy chapter on evaluating classical literature. Three steps for learning classical languages are explained, criteria for making wise choices about college are given, and more.

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