Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 - Textbook & Answer Key (old)

Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 - Textbook & Answer Key (old)

by Greg Sabouri, Shawn Sabouri
Publisher: Teaching Textbooks
©2004, Item: 5654
Spiralbound, 654 pages
Current Retail Price: $69.95

Help where you need it most . . . on every homework problem!

Designed exclusively for home schoolers, this revolutionary math program includes:

  • Step-by-step audiovisual solutions for all 3,400 problems in the book.
  • Audiovisual lectures for all 129 lessons in the book.
  • Three times as much audiovisual teaching as the nearest competitor.


  • Textbook
  • Answer Key & test Bank
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  Algebra 1 - A Teaching Textbook
Jennifer, 10/16/2008
This was our BEST year of math! Here's how the program worked. My daughter would watch a lesson on the computer, do the work out the book, I'd correct her work, and then anything she missed I'd have her go back and look up that specific problem on the Solutions CD which explained EACH problem again - it was thorough and easy to use.

We chose this new series after using Saxon for three years because I understood it to be specifically designed for homeschool students to work independently through Algebra. With Saxon we went from getting nearly 10 problems wrong in every lesson to getting zero wrong in almost every lesson. I believe this is because she understood it better. Saxon assumes that the teacher (parent) already knows the concept, which I found a little difficult because Saxon used terms and methods that were different from the way I was taught.

My daughter isn't so much a visual learner, but adding the visual learning to the instruction phase really made a huge difference. It was my understanding that as they tested this method on homeschoolers, that each time they would "hit a wall" they would go back and see how they could better explain the concept. As a result they came up with a program that should pretty much teach the student with little to no help from the parents - something we were not getting from Saxon - while at the same time preparing the college and all forms of testing. Teaching Textbooks website explains more about that.

My daughter used this as an 8th grader. We seemed to eliminate all the tears and frustration switching to Teaching Textbooks and as I had other friends try the program I heard the same results. Everyone I know was very pleased! This program should work for many different learning styles, too.