Teaching Technology Through Interest Projects

Teaching Technology Through Interest Projects

by Jennifer Katherine Brooks
Trade Paperback, 74 pages
Price: $14.99

Teaching Technology Through Interest Projects, developed over six years by a classroom teacher, is a fun, highly effective method for teaching Internet research skills and presentation technology to students. The book provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance for the teacher/parent and student, and includes online access to instructional materials for classroom demonstration. Students love the activities because they get to create a dynamic presentation on a topic that interests them. Interest Projects work great in all types of classrooms: regular, gifted, or homeschool. The lessons and activities can be taught by grade level or in multi-age classrooms.

Concepts and Skills:

- PC and Mac file storage system
- Microsoft® Word
- Mac Pages
- Open Office Writer
- Microsoft® PowerPoint
- Mac Keynote
- Open Office Impress
- Windows® Live Movie Maker
- iMovie
- Photo Story 3 for Windows®
- Scratch

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