Teach a Child to Read with Children's Books

Teach a Child to Read with Children's Books

by Mark B. Thogmartin
2nd Edition, ©1997, ISBN: 9781883790257
Trade Paperback, 200 pages
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This guide shows parents how to combine story reading, phonics, and writing to help their children develop into skilled and motivated readers. The guide discusses how to prepare children for reading success; how to use children's literature to promote learning and enjoyment; why combining book experiences and phonics is better than using either approach alone; ways to use writing to enhance children's reading progress; why reading aloud is important; and which books to use and where to find them. Chapters in the guide are:

  1. "The 'Great Debate'";
  2. "Acquiring Language and Learning To Read";
  3. "Early Readers: What Can They Teach Us?";
  4. "What Works? One Successful Program";
  5. "Using 'Real Books' in Your Program";
  6. "Preparing for Formal Lessons";
  7. "Book Reading and Strategy Development";
  8. "Learning about Letters, Sounds, and Words";
  9. "Story Writing in the Reading Lesson";
  10. "Putting It All Together: A Sample Lesson."

Contains 79 references. Appendixes present a 600-item bibliography of children's trade books; a special note for Christian educators; and advice on establishing a tutoring project.

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