Tangoes Puzzle Game

Tangoes Puzzle Game

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Legend has it that 4,000 years ago, a Chinese man dropped a porcelain tile which broke into 7 pieces. In attempting to put it back together, Tangrams were born.

Based on the ancient Chinese Tangram puzzle, Tangoes combines artistic and mathematical elements to enhance visual perception ability, develop problem solving skills, creative thinking capacity and teamwork. The classic tangram forms a square. These 7 pieces can also form an infinite number of abstract designs, human figures, animals and everyday objects. The object and challenge of Tangoes is to form the image on the card using all seven dynamic puzzle pieces.

Packed ina slim, plastic case,Classic Tangoes includes two sets of the seven tangram pieces, in blue and red. Also included in thepackage is a set of cards (Set #1) containing 27 cards with 54 puzzles and solutions. This offers hours of mind-bending play for one or two people—ages 5 and up. Each person can play independently or challenge each otherin a race to solve the puzzle.

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