Tanglewood Tales

Tanglewood Tales

Copper Lodge Library
by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Trade Paperback, 203 pages
Price: $11.99

What do a bull-man, dragon dentistry, a purple bird, six pomegranate seeds, and a race of tiny people have in common?

Believe it or not, "the potential to change you."

For centuries, Greek myths prompted audiences to listen with their hearts, minds, and souls. The story of the minotaur was not just a casual thriller but also a call to examine your own life for "minotaurs." The story of brothers searching for their sister was not just a tear-jerking drama but also an opportunity to examine the depths of your own loyalty. Stories are rarely "just stories," and Greek myths form the foundation of this tradition and expectation. Greek myths teach us to pay full, deep attention to what we're given, and thus give us more than the sum of their words. 

Sure, in these Greek myths retold by Nathaniel Hawthorne you will uncover the story behind references to Circe, and an ancient theory about the change of seasons. (And if you dig elsewhere, you can even find the origins of an Achilles' heel and a Trojan horse.) But more than that, you will have the opportunity to uncover how and what you think about the world and, potentially, how our true Savior would have us think about the world. 

Includes discussion questions to keep you in the loop and digging deeper.

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