Tangle-Coated Horse And Other Tales

Tangle-Coated Horse And Other Tales

Episodes from the Fionn Saga

by Ella Young, Vera Bock (Illustrator)
©1929, Item: 75262
Hardcover, 186 pages
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This tale of the adventures of Fionn and his companions: of their friendship with the Folk of Faery; of their servitude under Enchanters; of their escapes from Hags, Giants, and Magic Caves is a living story; its hero as vivid as King Arthur.

With all their adventures they have time to listen to the song of the blackbird, to watch the leap of the salmon, to note the red spots on the trout. They have time to make verse and to rescue distressed damsels; time to chase silver-pale hinds and to follow after beasts that have the brightness of the sun and the moon on their hides; they have time to be joyous and a delight to themselves.

Miss Young has told this story of a world of wonder and glamour in the rich and beautiful prose which so distinguishes her work. Ireland breathes her mystery, her poetry, her five through every page of the book.

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