Tales from King Arthur

Tales from King Arthur

by Andrew Lang, Walter Crane (Illustrator), 2 othersEleanor Fortescue Brickdale (Illustrator), H. J. Ford (Illustrator)
Publisher: Wordsworth Classics
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This book of King Arthur stories, drawn from folklorist Andrew Lang's 1902 Book of Romance. There are essentially 13 stories, with one of them—"The Quest of the Holy Grail"—divided into eleven sections. Twenty-two line illustrations by H.J. Ford are scattered throughout the text; six paintings by Walter Crane and two by E. F. Bricksdale are also interspersed.

Quite similar in content to Dover's King Arthur, this is a more elegant edition, though out of print.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Drawing of the Sword
  2. The Questing Beast
  3. The Sword Excalibur
  4. The Story of Sir Balin
  5. How the Round Table Began
  6. The Passing of Merlin
  7. How Morgan le Fay Tried to Kill King Arthur
  8. What Beaumains Asked of the King
  9. The Quest of the Holy Grail
    1.   How the King Went on a Pilgrimage, and His Squire was Slain in a Dream
    2. The Coming of the Holy Grail
    3. An Adventure of Sir Galahad
    4. How Sir Lancelot Saw a Vision, and Repented of His Sins
    5. The Adventures of Sir Percivale
    6. An Adventure of Sir Lancelot
    7. An Adventure of Sir Gawain
    8. The Adventure of Sir Bors
    9. An Adventure of Sir Galahad
    10. Sir Lancelot Meets Sir Galahad, and They Part for Ever
    11. How Sir Galahad Found the Grail and Died of that Finding
  10. The Fight for the Queen
  11. The Fair Maid of Astolat
  12. Lancelot and Guenevere
  13. The End of It All
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