Taking Your Faith To Work

Taking Your Faith To Work

How Christians Can Succeed In Secular Careers

by David L. Goetsch
Trade Paperback, 197 pages
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The workplace can be a challenging environment for Christians. The pressures of today's hyper-competitive global marketplace can lead to behaviors at work that cause believers to wonder if they can succeed in secular careers and still be faithful Christians. Taking Your Faith to Work not only answers this question with a resounding "YES," it makes the point that in the long run Christians succeed because of their faith, not in spite of it.

Taking Your Faith to Work presents ten success strategies that are Scripturally-based, and Christians can use to build a winning career without losing their faith. These Biblical strategies are: be a leader, put your Christian work ethic to work, build your career on a foundation of integrity, be a loyal team player, become an effective team builder and team leader, be an effective communicator, be a good listener, think critically and creatively, be the antidote to political correctness, and persevere in standing up to temptation and adversity.

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