Symphony in Sand

Symphony in Sand

by Dr. Calvin Miller (Author)
Publisher: Word Publishing
Hardcover, 152 pages
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From the fertile imagination of Calvin Miller comes A Symphony in Sand, a classic confrontation between faith and sight in the second book (after A Requiem for Love) in the Symphony trilogy.

A Symphony in Sand mixes fantasy, fact, fiction, and feeling in a memorable drama of spirit and flesh contending over the events surrounding time's most significant moment.

The young maiden Trouvere tries to comprehend the wonder and reality of a heavenly proposal. She struggles to come to grips with the realization that to accept will bring unspeakable joy, as well as devastating pain.

In the meantime, the archenemy Slithe hammers away at Artisan, her betrothed, and wears down his trust in his obviously pregnant fiancée. Finally he finds that he must distance himself to sort through his emotions and suspicions.

Above, all, A Symphony in Sand is a love story—of Earthmaker toward his creation and of a young man and woman whose very souls are tested and strengthened as their simple longings for happiness are diverted by the call to participate in the cosmic drama.

With A Symphony in Sand, Miller avoids the mistakes of lesser writers who render the message either too obscure or too obvious. Instead, the reader is treated to an enchanting account that is packed with meaning and truth.

Thought-provoking, effective, and entertaining, A Symphony in Sand is inspired writing...and reading.

from the dust jacket

Calvin Miller is the Senior Pastor of Westside Church in Omaha, Nebraska. He is an accomplished lecturer and author whose popular works include A Requiem for Love (the first book of the Symphony trilogy) and the Singer trilogy The Singer, The Song, and The Finale.

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