Sword and the Grail

Sword and the Grail

by Constance Hieatt, David Palladini (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 82 pages
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In the days when Arthur ruled at Camelot, his fame was spread through all the world.  But far in the mountains of Wales there lived a boy who knew nothing of kings or chivalry.

Then one day a troop of knights rode through the woods near his home.  The sun glinted on their shields, and the trappings of their horses blazed in many colors.  And the boy knew that he too must be a knight.

Mounted on a wild pony, armed only with a homemade javelin and his mother's parting advice, he set forth on his quest.  Along the way he found gallant adventures—and blunders, too, for Perceval's simplicity sometimes led him into comic predicaments.

Strangest of all was his encounter with the noble fisher King, who lay mysteriously wounded in his great castle, his kingdom blighted by a dire spell. When Perceval was able to free the King and al his land from the evil enchantment, he discovered his true heritage and became, indeed, the noblest of Arthur's knights.

Mrs. Hieatt's story of Perceval is based on the earliest legends, in which the Grail is a magic but not a religious symbol.  Once again she has created an exciting and colorful tale of heroic deeds.

—from the dust jacket

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