Swiss Family Robinson

Swiss Family Robinson

Puffin Classics
by Johann David Wyss, William H. G. Kingston (Translator), Jon Scieszka (Introduction)
Publisher: Puffin Books
Mass market paperback, 480 pages
List Price: $8.99 Sale Price: $7.64

A terrible storm strands a Swiss pastor, with his wife and four sons, on a tropical island. Providentially, the Robinsons are optimistic and inventive, and with what they salvage from the wrecked ship, and the island's abundant fruits, plants and animals, they soon adapt—each day discovering new dangers, skills and delights in their strange new life.

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Summary: A Swiss family of six learns to survive and thrive after being shipwrecked on an island.

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  Whoa! Suspenseful...
Ajf of Kalamazoo, 8/31/2016
This is about a family of six who get shipwrecked on a deserted island. Wow, those people survived there for ten years! They are self-dependent and not lazy. I think a person who really likes adventure stories would really like this book.