by Leo Lionni
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Hardcover, 36 pages
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Swimmy is different from the other fish. His school of fish is all red, but Swimmy is black. He can also swim faster than any of the fish, which comes in handy when you’re a small fish trying to not get eaten by the big fish. That’s why Swimmy escapes the big bad tuna when his siblings do not. Now Swimmy is all alone in the sea. But the ocean is full of wonders and interesting creatures. Swimmy sees a medusa of made of rainbow jelly. He sees a forest of seaweed growing from candy rocks. And hiding in the shadow of some rocks, Swimmy sees a school of fish just like his! This school of fish is frightened of the big tuna, but after seeing all the wonders of the sea Swimmy isn’t going to put with being scared of the big fish. Swimmy’s plan is to have all of the little red fish swim close together in the shape of a big fish, with himself as the eye. When they’ve practiced enough, they swim out to where the big fish are and scare them all away!


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