Sweetest Fig

Sweetest Fig

by Chris Van Allsburg
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Hardcover, 32 pages
Current Retail Price: $18.95
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"These figs are very special," the woman whispered. "They can make your dreams come true."

-- Thus Monsieur Bibot, the cold-hearted and casually cruel dentist, was given two ordinary-looking figs as payment for extracting a tooth from an old woman's mouth. Monsieur Bibot refused to believe such nonsense and proceeded to eat one of the figs for a bedtime snack. Although it was possibly the finest, sweetest fig he had ever tasted, it wasn't until the next morning that Monsieur Bibot realized it indeed had the power to make his dreams come true. While dragging his poor dog, Marcel, out for his walk, he discovered that his strange dream from the night before was becoming all too real.

Determined to make good use of the second fig, Monsieur Bibot learns to control is dreams. But can he control Marcel?

Once again Chris Van Allsburg explores the mysterious territory between fantasy and reality in an uncanny tale that will intrigue readers of all ages.

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