Swamp Fox of the Revolution

Swamp Fox of the Revolution

Landmark #90
by Stewart H. Holbrook
Publisher: Random House
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There are few if any pictures in American military history stranger than Francis Marion, and certainly none more appealing.

With little help General Marion organized a crowd of backwoodsman into a brigade which without pay, often without enough ammunition and, living as they could off the country, carried on a practically private war against redcoats and Tories during the Revolution.

Marian's raids on their outposts and supply trains so troubled the British, who could never catch him, that they called him the Swamp Fox.

When General Nathanael Greene came to head the southern department of the American army, South Carolina was in the tight fist of the British. Greene was quick to enlist the aid of Marion's little band of irregulars. They struck the enemy again and again, to such effect that Greene counted them of incomparable help in knocking out the chain of enemy forts.

Little wonder that in his native South Carolina Francis Marion stands superb and unique. He now belongs to the nation, and readers of all ages will be held spellbound by this excellent account of his life and the part he played in a crucial period of our history.

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