Suzannah and the Secret Coins

Suzannah and the Secret Coins

by Elaine L. Schulte
Trade Paperback, 130 pages
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Suzannah bristled. She faced him, blazing with anger.

"You gambled it away, didn't you? it wasn't enough that you lost your own parent's home in a card game! You had to go and—"

"Never mind that!" He cut her short. "The house is sold, and we're leaving tonight....A carriage will be here at midnight, and we'll be in it, with or without your things."

And so begins Suzannah's journey from the security of Alexandria into the western wilderness.

She packs a trunk with her clothes and a few small mementos, but she hides the last gift from her father deep inside her traveling bag. Suzannah is determined to keep her pouch of gold coins a secret from her gambling brother-in-law.

The long and dangerous journey along the National Road brings the Coltons to Missouri and helps Suzannah learn about real treasure.

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