Survive Game Collection

Survive Game Collection

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In Survive: Escape from Atlantis, players do their best to evacuate their pieces from an island that is breaking up and sinking, while remembering where their highest-valued pieces are located to maximize their score.

An island made up of 40 hex-tiles is slowly sinking into the ocean (as the tiles are removed from the board). Each player controls ten people (valued from 1 to 6) that they move towards the safety of the surrounding islands before the main island finally blows up. Players can either swim or use boats to travel but must avoid sea serpents, whales and sharks on their way to safety (expansions with squid and dolphins also available). Because each player also controls these beasts, the game can be played nicely or in cutthroat fashion.

This package includes the basic game with three expansions:

  • the first expansion changes the game from only four players to up to 6.
  • the Squid expansion creates a new threat: whales can crush boats, sharks can eat pieces swimming in the water; squid can pluck pieces from boats.
  • the Dolphin expansion offers new assistence, as they help swimming pieces move faster.

Basic Game Information:

  • 2-6 Players (with included 5-6 player expansion)
  • 45 Minutes
  • Ages 8+

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