Sunny Australia

Sunny Australia

A Photographic Picture Book

by Leila Harris, Kilroy Harris, Margery Aspen (Drawings)
Publisher: David McKay Company
©1941, Item: 86454
Hardcover, 41 pages
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Let us imagine that we have made the long journey "down under" to Australia. After landing at the port of Sydney, we tour the eastern coast. We are surprised to learn that such a thriving, modern nation has a population no larger than that of New York City. There are about seven million people on the entire island continent.

As we travel to the interior, we see strange things. Animals and birds in this faraway country are different from any other creatures in the world. In the forests, on the plains, there are wonderful plants, bright-plumaged birds, wild men, or aboriginals. But for the most part, Australia is a place of farm and pasture-land with a few cities as modern as any in America.

Come with us on a picture-book tour of the oldest land in the world. We will show you kangaroos and koala bears, lyre birds and kookaburras. Do the names sound strange? Then let us tell you about them...

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