Summer Reading Booklists

While we'd love to bring back the Summer Reading Challenge, we're not sure what the future holds. Please feel free to use the lists below in creating your own summer challenges, or to beef up another challenge you're participating in. Check back here or subscribe to our newsletter for updates. In the mean time, read on below for what we've done in the past!

The official 2016 Outside of a Dog reading list is provided in the links just below. We've increased the number of books in most grades from around 50 to between 80-90 books, but these lists are intended as a sampling of our favorites and are NOT exhaustive, nor are they meant to be confining! If you want to read other books, go for it! Just read five from this list to merit a prize. After that, there's a lot more options throughout the site and listed on the booklogs. Not finding a book you want to read? Shoot us an email at by July 31 and we'll consider adding it (no guarantees). 

We haven't converted these grade level lists to a simple (printable) PDF, but these online lists offer more visual interest and quick access to more information. You can also print these lists off the website, organized by title or author.

The grade level fiction & biography lists below offer a LOT more reading than the Outside of a Dog Booklist, often with TWO to FIVE THOUSAND  titles! They are pretty overwhelming, but there is plenty to browse! Obviously, they can't all make our list of favorites, but everything listed here may be entered on your book logs. And remember, you're not limited to fiction and biographies. There are more areas like history and science non-fiction on the site and still more titles accessible on the digital logs!

Overwhelmed? We thought so. The rest of the lists group books by theme. Learn more about literature genres, sort books by time period or the area in which they were written. Look up series overviews, compare classic translations, and more...