Study in Scarlet

Study in Scarlet

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, George Hutchinson (Illustrator)
Publisher: SeaWolf Press
1891 Illustrated, ©2018, ISBN: 9781949460568
Print-on-demand paperback, 144 pages
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SeaWolf Press is proud to offer another book in its Arthur Conan Doyle 100th Anniversary Collection. Each book in the collection contains the text, illustrations, and cover from the first or early edition. 

A Study in Scarlet first appeared in 1887 in Beeton's Christmas Annual and was marked the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, who would become the most famous detective duo in popular fiction. (The second story is called The Sign of Four.) The book's title derives from a speech given by Holmes, a consulting detective, to his friend and chronicler Watson on the nature of his work, in which he describes the story's murder investigation as his "study in scarlet". The story, and its main characters, attracted little public interest when it first appeared. This book is the first of four full-length novels about Holmes. Doyle's other works were collections of short stories.

Sherlock Holmes. The most famous fictional detective of all time. You most certainly know who he is, even if it's only as that old-fashioned detective with the pipe and the funny hat. Though the pipe and the hat never appear together in the story (those are thanks to stage actor William Gillete's version of the character) the man himself lives up to the legend. Steely, resolute, inscrutable genius, accompanied by his faithful (and not, as some versions would have you think, idiotic) companion Doctor Watson. If you're reading these stories for the first time you are in for a treat. Transport yourself to a shadowy 1880's London where the most puzzling of cases are solved by the original consulting detective. 

This version has:

  • 40 original illustrations. Don't be fooled by other versions with missing or made-up pictures.
  • Text that has been proofread to avoid errors common in other versions.
  • A beautiful cover that replicates the first edition cover, in this case the magazine in which the material first appeared.
  • The complete text in an easy-to-read font similar to the original.
  • Properly formatted text complete with correct indenting, spacing, footnotes, italics, and tables.
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