Student Writing Intensive Level B - Continuation Course

Student Writing Intensive Level B - Continuation Course

by Andrew Pudewa
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This set of lessons picks up where the Student Writing Intensive B left off and advances writing strength. Students continue to use the same notebook and charts, learning new models and techniques not previously presented in the SWI. Contained on the CD-ROM for easy access and printing are the source material for each lesson, checklists, lesson plans, grading sheets, and student samples. The lesson plans provide for one to two years worth of instruction for your student.


  • Nine DVDs of video instruction by Andrew Pudewa, recorded live in front of a group of age-appropriate students
  • One CD-ROM with the Teacher’s Manual, 10-Class Handouts, and Student Samples
  • Student Packet: Nearly 200 pages of 3-hole punched, loose-leaf handouts that contain 32 weeks or more of writing assignments lasting 1–2 years for one student. (additional student packets available separately)

Prerequisites: This course assumes that the student has completed the Student Writing Intensive either live or on video or has had equivalent instruction. Although this is a B level, most sixth grade students will find it quite challenging. If your student is a reluctant writer, using the SICC A first would likely be better.

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