Student Writing Intensive Level A - Continuation Course

Student Writing Intensive Level A - Continuation Course

by Andrew Pudewa
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For a long time it was Andrew’s dream to teach and record a set of classes just like he would teach if he could be in your town each week. While the Student Writing Intensive has helped thousands of families around the world, some parents want or need additional direct instruction for their students. This is that course.

Contents: Recorded live during the Spring of 2002, this series picks up right where the Student Writing Intensive level A left off. Students may continue to use their same notebook and charts, learning new models and techniques not previously presented in the Student Writing Intensive. New charts and models are provided in the student packet for students who would like to freshen their notebook. A new binder may be purchased here.

In addition to the recorded sessions on 9 DVDs, included e-books contain the teacher’s manual, student samples, the original handouts used on the recorded lessons. An expanded student book is provided in a packet (loose-leaf and three-hole punched) which provide everything you need to teach this course over one to two years. The teacher’s manual provides direction for planning the course. For class details and options for shortening or lengthening the course, read the instructions provided in the Teacher’s Manual sample.

The SWI Continuation Courses (following the same level/grade correspondence as the Intensives themselves)contain 32follow-up lessons elaborating on and adding to the material taught in the Student Writing Intensives. LevelAincludes a series of nine lecture DVDs and a PDF download containing notes, checklists, etc. to be printed and used.As of early 2012, a single printed copy of the student materials is also included.Like the Intensives, these lecures teach the information directly to the student, though if you want you could watch them yourself and relate the information to your kids. These are strongly recommended for students who have completed the corresponding Intensive, as they present a much more thorough writing education.

Students continue to use the same SWI notebook and charts, learning new models and techniques not previously presented. Contained in the download for easy access and printing are the source material for each lesson, checklists, lesson plans, grading sheets, and student samples. The lesson plans provide for one to two years worth of instruction for your student.


  • Nine DVDs of video instruction by Andrew Pudewa, recorded live in front of a group of age-appropriate students
  • PDF download ofthe Teacher’s Manual, 10-Class Handouts, and Student Samples
  • Student Packet: 162 pages of 3-hole punched, loose-leaf handouts that contain 32 weeks or more of writing assignments lasting 1–2 years for one student. (additional student packets available separately)

Prerequisites: This course assumes that the student has completed Student Writing Intensive A either live or on video or has had equivalent instruction.

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