Strength and Devotion

Strength and Devotion

Risktakers #2
by Linda Finlayson
Trade Paperback, 128 pages
Price: $8.99

Short biographies of women willing to take risks for the name and glory of Christ in our world. They faced danger, difficulties, some of them great hardships. While reading their exciting stories you will learn what they did and why. For ages 8-12

Katherine von Bora escapes to freedom in a fish- monger's cart - all because she knows she must worship God as the Bible tells her to.

Fidelia Fiske and her students wait in baited breath as a terrifying mob attack the school. Teaching the children about Jesus has brought danger to her door.

Amy Carmichael helps a young woman escape her angry family under cover of darkness. Amy longs for all young Christians to be free to worship God in India.

Lillian Dickson swallowed her fears and went on a very dangerous trek up mountains and through forests in order to reach remote villages with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Deborah takes charge of an army when no one else has the courage. Jehosheba risks her life to rescue her nephew. The throne of Israel and more is saved because of her actions. These women were all willing to take risks. They faced danger and difficulties. Some faced great hardship because of what they believed in. While reading their exciting stories you will learn about why they did what they did and who it was who helped them.

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