Storytime with the Millers

Storytime with the Millers

Miller Family Series
by Mildred A. Martin
Trade Paperback, 96 pages
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Amos and his brothers learn valuable lessons about returning good for evil; Paul, a 3-year old farm boy, nearly suffers tragedy through disobedience! And Betty learns, the hard way, that being bossy will never be fun.Storytime with the Millerstells these stories and many others, for preschool and primary-aged children. Great for bedtime reading with small children! Many children grades 1-3 will be able to read these stories themselves, learning of respect, kindness, humility, responsibility and more in enjoyable ways.

Stories contained inStorytime with the Millers

1) The Indians and the Cookies
2) Paul in the Pit
3) The Best Way to Help
4) Boys and Toys
5) Timmy is Responsible
6) Timmy and the Sugar
7) Bossy Betty
8) Going for a Visit
9) Timmy's Goat
10) It's Safer to be Plain
11) Benny's Bible
12) Mama and the Silver Dollar

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