Story Starters

Story Starters

Helping Children Write Like They've Never Written Before

by Karen Andreola
Perfectbound, 458 pages
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Karen Andreola's charming book has the right ingredients to inspire even the most reluctant writer or the student who has experienced discouragement. Her story starters encourage children to write in ways they have never written before.

A story starter suspends a student in the middle of a predicament. He is then faced with the question, "What happens next?" This is his cue to expand and embellish the story however he wants. He learns to write freely, with imagination and zest—and with far more boldness than he may be accustomed to.

The action-packed stories are especially appealing to boys. Thumb through the pages to choose whatever story catches your fancy. Karen has written a large selection to satisfy the varied interests of both boys and girls.

To spark even more curiosity, each story is illustrated with one or more engaging 19th century pictures. The settings are sometimes intense, sometimes funny, sometimes sweetly domestic, but always pose a challenge. Here is your child's opportunity to rescue those in danger, comfort the sick, cheer the lonely, laugh with the ridiculous, tame the wild, and do battle for good.

Awaken the dormant writer in your child with this lively approach to creative writing and you will take part in what Karen calls "the gentle art of learning."

Story Starters is designed to:

  • Replace dry, dull writing with exciting writing
  • Invoke sympathy for characters and encourage writing with feeling
  • Expand a child's literary powers with the practice of narration
  • Develop a child's imagination with the embellishment of story plots
  • Stimulate reasoning powers with opportunity for problem-solving
  • Reawaken an interest in language arts
  • Uphold biblical virtues

This is a non-consumable, multi-skill level book that can be used as a supplementary English course for the entire family. It is set up in five sections, with helps for the teacher, sixty-seven story starters, explanations of the basic elements of a story, hints for polishing, a section of "just pictures" for other imaginative stories, and a closing section that teaches how to incorporate narration into education.

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