Story of Your Bones

Story of Your Bones

by Edith Lucie Weart, Jan Fairservis (Illustrator)
Publisher: Coward McCann
©1966, Item: 88374
Library Binding, 64 pages
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About the Book

How many bones do you have?  What are bones made of? How do they grow? If you break a bone, how does it heal?  How do bones help you hear?  These and many other question about bones are answered in this book, the latest in a series by Edith Weart about the fascinating way your body functions. The author describes how bones and muscles work together, how bones protect the vital organs of your body –your heart and brain. A final chapter tells how archaeologists have learned from "dead" bones about the daily life of prehistoric man.  From the way a bone has been broken they can even detect murders committed thousands of years ago.

A simple, lucid text, accurate information, and attractive three-color illustrations add up to an exciting and authoritative book.

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