Story of the World Volume 2

Story of the World Volume 2

The Middle Ages: From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance

by Susan Wise Bauer, Jeff West (Illustrator)
2nd Edition, ©2007, Publisher Catalog #02-TXPB-2e
Trade Paperback, 416 pages
Price: $19.95
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Revised Edition, with a nicer font, improved index, new maps, illustrations, timelines, a pronunciation guide, and additional parental aids.

Who discovered chocolate? What happened to the Giant Fovor of the Mighty Blows? Why did the Ottoman Turks drag their war ships across dry land?

Told in the straightforward, engaging style that has become Susan Wise Bauer's trademark, The Story of the World covers the sweep of human history from ancient times until the present. Africa, China, Europe, the Americas—find out what happened all around the world in long-ago times. This read-aloud series is designed for parents to share with elementary-school children. Enjoy it together and introduce your child to the marvelous story of the world's civilizations.

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