Story of the World - Softcover Set

Story of the World - Softcover Set

by Susan Wise Bauer
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Story of the World is a four-volume series covering world history from Creation to the Present. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor
  2. Fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance
  3. Elizabeth I to the Forty-Niners
  4. Victoria's Empire to the End of the USSR

The author, Susan Wise Bauer, uses narration and story-telling to present history to children. The books are straightforward and meant to be read aloud to children in grades 1-4, approximately. Fifth and sixth grade students might enjoy reading them on their own, along with supplemental material.Optional Activity Books allow you to turn the readers into "school,"with review questions, a variety of crafts and activities, maps, drawings and more. Tests and audio books are also available.


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  Great Place to Start
Liquid Sunshine of Portland, OR, 9/20/2014
I LOVE world history and geography. One of the reasons why I decided to pull my son out of the highly-reputable public school was that there was not much of history or geography components taught. "The Story of the World" has been great for my book-worm boy because it's a story. It is not as in depth as I would have loved, and I don't always agree with the view the author takes on certain events. But the purpose of this book is to give young readers outline of the historical events throughout history, from the beginning till now. The Activity Book is a MUST. It has review questions and summarizing exercises that are in similar style with Writing With Ease. And I love the map activity to go with the historical event. Activity Book also provides optional activities/crafts as well as the list of references and book list. I intend to use the series two times: first time read through, do the review questions, summaries and maps. Second time through, I'll have my son do more optional activities as well as further reading. I think it's worth the money especially as the book offers activities for both younger and older students.