Story of the Secret Service

Story of the Secret Service

Landmark #75
by Ferdinand Kuhn
Publisher: Random House
©1957, Item: 21128
Hardcover, 175 pages
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Foreword by U.E. Baughman, Chief, U.S. Secret Service

It was not until President William McKinley had been fatally shot in 1901—the third assassination of an American President in thirty-six years—that the Secret Service was assigned to the complete and vigilant protection of the government's chief executive. Since that time, Secret Service men have been constantly on the alert to prevent crimes against our President. But this is only one of their responsibilities. It is also their job to track down counterfeiters and to apprehend forgers of government checks.

In this book, Ferdinand Kuhn presents not only the story of the origin of the Service and an account of what it does, but an exciting collection of actual case histories taken from Secret Service files.

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