Story of the Romans

Story of the Romans

by Helene A. Guerber
Publisher: Nothing New Press
2nd Edition, ©2001, Item: 76024
Perfectbound, 198 pages
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Historical Setting: Ancient Rome

This history of Rome for children is written like a story and, in 102 short chapters (usually 1-3 pages each), covers most of the important historical events of the period.

Unlike Greek history, Roman history does not have nearly as much myth at its foundation. But it does have some, and this briefly offers it, telling the story of Aeneas and his flight from Troy, of his meeting with Venus, of Dido and the founding of Carthage, and of Remus and Romulus and the building of Rome.

The book then goes on to describe Rome as it developed from being a kingdom, to a republic and then an empire. This is, of course, a lot of ground to cover, and as a result, it doesn't tell the full story, having to focus instead on major events. You will want to read other books to supplement the reading here.

This is, however, a very good overview of the period, and it offers some very helpful extras, such as a four page timeline of events, and a great list of additional suggested reading.

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