Story of the Renaissance and Reformation

Story of the Renaissance and Reformation

by Christine Miller, Helene A. Guerber
Publisher: Nothing New Press
2nd Edition, ©2003, Item: 6288
Perfectbound, 297 pages
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Historical Setting: Renaissance & Reformation 1267-1609 A.D.

The Story of the Renaissance and Reformation focuses on the pivotal events of 15th and 16th century Europe, and picks up the narrative history where The Story of the Middle Ages leaves off.

As the story of Renaissance Europe was never told in a single volume of H. A. Guerber's histories, but rather piecemeal throughout several volumes, Christine Miller took portions of The Story of Old France and The Story of the English which tell the story of the Renaissance and Reformation, and wove them together into a single narrative, carefully preserving Guerber's style. Other sources for additional material include Charlotte Yonge's A Young Folk's History of Germany, The Story of the Christians and Moors of Spain, and Frederic Seebohm's The Era of the Protestant Revolution.

The Story of the Renaissance and Reformation is illustrated throughout with famous paintings of its historical subjects, and photographs of the places it describes. Not only are maps present in the beginning of the book, but throughout the text as well, which greatly aids in making the narrative more clear. A complete timeline of the events and persons mentioned in the text, a comprehensive recommended reading list, a thorough bibliography and an index round out the book.

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