Story of Scotland Yard

Story of Scotland Yard

World Landmark #16
by Laurence Thompson
Publisher: Random House
Item: 40490
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Avid reader of English detective stories are familiar with many thrilling tales in which experts from Scotland Yard have been called in to solve all sorts of baffling crimes.

Here is the authentic story of Scotland Yard itself, in which the reader is taken behind the scenes and shown how its many branches co-operate to form one of the most remarkable law enforcement agencies in the world. It is the true story of detectives and police at work not only in their battle against crime but also in their prevention of crime.

Authoritative, exciting, and dramatic, the book was written in collaboration with serving Yard detectives and uniformed police officers. Special facilities and permissions were given by the London Commissioner of Police so that the author could see every department at work. Thus the book was written from first-hand knowledge of crime car patrols, the science laboratories, the fingerprint department, the C.I.D., and all other branches of Scotland Yard.

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