Story of Science Book 2

Story of Science Book 2

Newton at the Center

by Joy Hakim
Publisher: Smithsonian Books
Hardcover, 256 pages
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Isaac Newton is generally considered the father of modern science, as well as its patron saint. While he's not at the physical center of this book, his attitudes and pioneering work in physics, astronomy and math are, from his discovery of gravity as a universal law to his invention of calculus as a young (and entirely self-taught) man. The other guiding lights of the scientific revolution are all here--like Copernicus, who introduced the idea that Earth was notthe stationary center of the universe; Tycho Brahe, who mapped and charted our solar system; and Galileo Galilei, who attempted to determine and measure the speed of light. This volume of The Story of Sciencecovers the period from Newton through the Industrial Revolution, ending with an introductory treatment of the laws of thermodynamics and preparing students for the work of Einstein in Einstein Adds a New Dimension.

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FLAWS: Humanistic biases
Summary: Newton is the focus of this narrative look at the scientific revolution that helped shape and was shaped by the Enlightenment.

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