Story of Science Book 1

Story of Science Book 1

Aristotle Leads the Way

by Joy Hakim
Publisher: Smithsonian Books
Hardcover, 256 pages
Price: $24.95
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According to Joy Hakim, science began with the attempt to construct a lunar calendar. It really took off, however, with Aristotle's endless attempts at systematic categorization of everything. This colorful narrative covers the highlights and dispels some common myths--like the popular but erroneous idea that Christopher Columbus was the first to posit the theory of a round earth. The chapter on absolute zero is particularly interesting, revealing the daunting task Medieval mathematicians had of establishing such an abstract concept. Aristotle Leads the Wayends with the work of early cartographers and astronomers, laying the foundation for Newton's discoveries covered in the next volume, Newton at the Center.

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FLAWS: Humanistic assumptions
Summary: The first couple millennia of scientific discovery get the narrative treatment in this fascinating look at science from Aristotle to the birth of modern science.

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