Story of Crazy Horse

Story of Crazy Horse

Signature Books #28
by Enid Lamonte Meadowcroft, William Reusswig (Illustrator)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1954, Item: 22056
Hardcover, 181 pages
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Historical Setting: United States, c1842-1877

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Until he was twelve snows old Curly, son of an Oglala-Sioux holy man, led the free and exciting life of any young Plains Indian, hunting buffalo, catching wild horses, and moving from place to place with his people. Sometimes he saw white men—traders, trappers, and settlers moving west along the Oregon Trail which ran through the Oglalas' hunting grounds. Though he found the whites somewhat strange, he thought little about them. Then soldiers from Fort Laramie attacked a Sioux village, and Curly realized that the whites were determined to take from the Indians the country that the Great Spirit had given them.

Here is the story of how Curly bravely earned the right to be called by his father's name—Crazy Horse—and of how he became one of the greatest leaders of the Sioux.

Written by Enid Meadowcroft, whose books have delighted thousands of boys and girls, The Story of Crazy Horse is the exciting account of one of the most dramatic chapters in American History.

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