Story of Chopin in Words and Music CD

Story of Chopin in Words and Music CD

Publisher: Vox Music Group
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No quality education would be complete without a study of the greatest names in musical history. Music Masters eases your research and preparation by interweaving a narrative about the composer’s life with selections of his most important works.

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  Great for In-between Studying
Sincerelyornot, 7/1/2011
Chopin's music is more widely known than his life story, and this CD beautifully brings both together in a format that's accessible to kids and adults alike.

For kids:
Kids in general mispronounce famous names, and having heard someone properly pronounce Chopin's name fifteen times in as many minutes should do the trick. The one-hour format also works to a child's advantage, not overwhelming them with information while still finishing the story.

For adults:
I heard this CD (and several others like it) while researching a college essay. The background details gave me a more well rounded view of this era's music, and the properly pronounced musical terms helped me recall the correct spelling when I later wrote that paper.

Highly recommended! Driving a car or cleaning your room aren't normally times for studying, but it was worth it: I still remember how to spell "adagio."