Story of Australia

Story of Australia

Stories of the Commonwealth series
by P. R. Smith, Val Biro (Illustrator)
©1959, Item: 91904
Hardcover, 64 pages
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This is the second book to be published in the Stories of the Commonwealth series. Written by P. R. Smith, a senior master at the Melbourne Church of England Grammar School, and with colour illustrations by B. Biro, it tells the story of the great Dominion of Australia.

Captain Cook discovered the east coast of Australia in 1770, and eighteen years later the first penal settlement was founded at Sydney Cove. So the story of Australia covers a period of only just over a hundred and eighty years. But what a story it is! The exploration of a great continent by sea and land, the adventures of the early settlers pushing forward into unknown territory, the end of the convict system, the min-nineteenth-century gold-rushes, the growth of new settlements and their union into the Commonwealth, the wonderful contributions that Australia made to the allied cause in the two world wars. . . .These are some of the highlights in the author's saga. His book also shows how in those few years a new nation has been created, rising to partnership in the great new conception of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

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