Story of Australia

Story of Australia

World Landmark #44
by A. Grove Day
Publisher: Random House
Item: 40970
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Half a world away from us lies the interesting land know as Australia, the Island Continent. The story of Australia -from its beginnings to the present day- is an exciting one, yet it is little known by most people.

In this fascinating book, the author tells about Australia's earliest inhabitants, the primitive tribes with their myths and legends; the daring Dutch and English explorers; the first settlers and adventurous pioneers; and the vast herds of sheep that roamed the land. The pages of Australia's history are filled also with colorful people: courageous Captain Sturt who explored the rivers and mapped out the land; selfless Caroline Chrisholm who worked to improve the terrible conditions of the immigrants; Thomas Mort, the inventor of the freezing method of preserving meat for export; William Farrer, who cross-bred wheat to feed the hungry world; and Matthew Brady, who made banditry a fashion.

The Story of Australia is a lively account of the colonists, explorers, gold miners, outlaws, homesteaders and inventors who successfully met the challenge of vast spaces and forged a nation on the Island Continent.

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