Story of Albert Schweitzer

Story of Albert Schweitzer

World Landmark #33
by Anita Daniel
Publisher: Random House
©1957, Item: 38954
Hardcover, 179 pages
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In a small house in Lambarene, in Equatorial Africa, amid the natives, the wild beasts, and the murderous insects of the jungle, lives Albert Schweitzer, a man who is loved a respected throughout the world.

When he was still in his twenties, he decided to devote his life to missionary work. He had heard that people in Africa were dying of terrible tropical diseases because there were no doctors to treat them, and he knew that if he was to help them, he must study medicine. A few years later, equipped with his medical degree, he accepted and assignment in Lambarnene where he was given a small grant of land on which to build a hospital.

To the crude structure, built with his own hands, came an endless stream of natives suffering form every kind of disease, and men whose flesh had been torn by the beasts of the jungle. This was the beginning of the long career of service which was to fulfill Albert Schweitzer's desire to help his fellow man.

Anita Daniel has had the privilege of enjoying many visits with Dr. Schweitzer. The story of the exciting adventure that is his life is a vital and faithful portrait of a great man.

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