Story About Ping

Story About Ping

by Marjorie Flack, Kurt Wiese (Illustrator)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
Mass market paperback, 32 pages
Price: $5.99

The tale of a little duck alone on the Yangtze River, The Story About Ping is a sweet and funny book with wonderfully rich and colorful illustrations. On a day like any other, Ping sets off from the boat he calls home with his comically large family in search of "pleasant things to eat." On this particular day, he is accidentally left behind when the boat leaves. Undaunted, the little duck heads out onto the Yangtze in search of his family, only to find new friends and adventures—and a bit of peril—around every bend.

The exceptional illustrations bring the lush Yangtze to life, from Ping's family to the trained fishing birds he finds himself among to the faithfully rendered boats and fishermen. Certainly intended to be read aloud, The Story About Ping deserves a place on every young reader's (or listener's) shelf.

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Summary: To avoid a spank, Ping doesn't board his boat at sunset and gets left behind. What follows is a day of adventure on the Yangtze River.

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  Story About Ping
Big Man Bo of Conyers, GA, 8/8/2016
Ping was a little duckling and had a big family. Whoever got on the boat last got a spank on the back. Ping made sure he wouldn't be the last duck. One day, Ping was late for the boat, but didn't get on because he didn't want to be spanked. Ping slept in bull rushes, got caught by a boy the next day, was put under a basket and almost got eaten! But then, the boy let him go. Ping finally found his boat. Even though he was the last duck and knew he would get spanked, he still wanted to get home!
  A Story About Obedience
Albanyaloe, 2/10/2011
This little book is about a family of ducks, and in particular Ping. The ducks are called in every evening to their houseboat, and the last one over the little bridge always gets a little wack with a stick from the master. Ping is afraid that he will be last, and one day he is, and he avoids his smack by hiding away. Of course, he almost comes to greater demise and loses his family but is at last re-united with them, where he learns that punishment is perhaps not such a bad thing and that rules are there to keep one safe. A note to those with sensitive children: Two of my children were a bit upset at what they felt was harsh treatment of the ducks, but the other child was thrilled and still asks repeatedly for this book.
This book would be a useful addition to a Unit study on China as the people and the lifestyle of the fisher folk along the Yangtze river is well depicted. Pretty line drawings with color. Note- the softcover edition will not last well through repeated use at a school but it fine for careful home use.