Stories From France

Stories From France

by Edward W. Dolch, Marguerite P. Dolch, Gordon Laite (Illustrator)
©1963, Item: 28879
Hardcover, 167 pages
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The folk tales of France are as varied in background as the French people themselves. At the time when many of these stories developed, transportation and communication within a country as large as France was very difficult. Different ways of life were important in different parts of the country. The folk tales told in one area often were not the same as tales from another part of France. 

Stories from France includes tales from many backgrounds. There are stories of clever animals like Reynard the Fox and the Mother Goat. There are tales of magic, including the story of beautiful Princess Fifine and her magic White Mare. Some of the stories, like the old tale of the stones and the honest stonecutter, tell of the victory of good over evil. Several favorites come from the early Middle Ages when troubadors traveled from court to court, singing of the adventures of brave knights and their ladies. The last story, "The Horn of Roland," is about a real battle between the French and the Saracens. 

For young readers, these fascinating and varied old folk tales, coupled with Gordon Laite's striking illustrations, will serve as a delightful introduction to the treasury of French folklore.

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