Stories for Fun and Adventure

Stories for Fun and Adventure

A Collection for all Boys and Girls Who Love Good Stories

by Phyllis R. Fenner (Editor and Introduction), Mary McCrea (Editor and Introduction)
Publisher: Hale-Cadmus
©1966, Item: 91074
Library Binding, 190 pages
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Henry wanted a dog and in front of him there was one that seemed to want him, and besides, he seemed hungry. Henry called him Ribsy, because his ribs stuck out. But how could he get him home on the bus? Henry tries everything, and everything he tries is funny. Henry's story is just one of the many good ones in this collection. Did you ever read about the Six Foolish Fishermen? Or about the cow that sneezed and what happened to the town? Or how Mike learned to bunt when he didn't like to play baseball? Clarence drove a big rig – huge trucks, but was constantly bothered by a little mouse that always seemed to pick his truck, no matter which one he drove. It is interesting to read about his long drives with Angelo, the mouse, for company. Another story you shouldn't miss is Calico the Wonder Horse or The Saga of Stewy Slinker, with the Bad Men, Snake Eye Pyeson, Buzzard Bates and others in Stewy's gang. There are serious stories here, and fantastic ones, and some very real adventures that could happen to you. You'll like them all!

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