A Novel

by John J. Dwyer
Publisher: Broadman & Holman
Trade Paperback, 634 pages
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Historical Setting: United States, 1824-1863 A.D.

The genius, passion, and faith of one of history's most brilliant military leaders come alive in this bittersweet saga of loss and hope.

History has almost forgotten that Stonewall Jackson, the great Confederate general, started amidst great controversy the first successful black Sunday school in Lexington, Virginia. That he became an accomplished public speaker and a successful businessman. That he was a devout Presbyterian deacon who believed war was "the sum of all evils."

Stonewall is a powerful work of historical fiction that reveals many little-known facts about this extraordinary soldier as it vividly dramatizes the romantic, brutal, and glorious life of one of the Civil War's greatest heroes. This penetrating look at the man behind the myth follows Stonewall on his spiritual pilgrimage to becoming a devoted husband, a faithful Christian, and one of the greatest tacticians in military history. Blending historical fact with literary flair, John Dwyer weaves an incredible, heart-stirring tale of one courageous man who gave his life for the Southern homeland he cherished and the Heavenly Father he revered. Stonewall also tells about Jackson's mysterious and stormy relationship with Margaret Junkin Preston, whom history knows as the "Poetess of the Confederacy."

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